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We at Binfosol Private Limited try to make sure that we deliver the best results from our side and also maintain client satisfaction. Binfosol Pvt Ltd makes sure that our clients do remember us not only for our behavior but also for our work. We also do serve by our other unit Bose Informatics. We also focus on Digital Marketing for Dummies, Bioinformatics & Functional Genomics, Biotechnology Startup, Website Design at Low Cost, IT Education Services.

About Us

Welcome to Binfosol Private Limited

Our motto is to educate and cover the gap between industry and academia. From our past experiences, we have realized that our education and training remains incomplete even after one completes their graduation or post-graduation from a reputable industry because the kind of training and knowledge a candidate needs to join a company is not covered in their academic syllabus, and we being one of the best companies in eastern India who have seriously taken upon to solve this issue and now creating awareness among the people to join us to complete their professional training and before you even realize that your education is complete, you will already have a job of your dreams.

Our digital marketing section is there to ensure that you receive the best quality service at the most affordable price possible. We treat our customers like family and we offer free advice to make sure you trust us completely. We believe in maintaining a healthy relationship with our customers and thus they are our top priority. We are always beside you and our service and reviews speak for us. Our expertise is always at your service and we would love to have you with us in our journey.

So join us now as before you realize that it's too late and we will be there with you till you reach your destination.

We also have another unit: BOSE INFORMATICS, which is affiliated with AIYCSM (WB Govt. Reg, NCT Delhi-Govt. of India Reg, NPS Reg) and is also ISO certified.



Certified by:


MSME (UDYAM-WB-10-0018752), ISO 9001: 2015, UKAC, ABLE


Our official learning partners are: 


Microsoft (854286277)


Amazon AWS Partner Network (590208889460)

IBM Partner World (av6g4)


Our partner university:


Indian School of Business Management & Administration (ISBM)

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We are affiliated with ALL INDIA YUVA COMPUTER SAKSHARATA MISSION (AIYCSM) which is registered under the Govt. of India and Govt. of West Bengal and Indian Planning Commission. We are also ISO certified. We are located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. We are a part of our mother company BINFOSOL PRIVATE LIMITED.

Our company offers numerous professional training services to provide individuals with computer literacy and cultural advancement. Our primary slogan is to guarantee the development of civilization, culture, and education among the various cultures and peoples of society. By ensuring technical awareness to even rural suburbs of India, Bose Informatics promises to fulfill the nation's dream of digital literacy. We believe in conveying quality education through all sectors of society. Online study materials also are provided. Classroom teaching encompasses sensible sessions and interactions with skilled specialists. Students are given the liberty to specific their individual ideology, artistic thoughts, and psychological feature thinking. All such initiatives promptly facilitate authority and proclaim as us a true educational institution within the future.

1) The most well-equipped organization in the country
2) The complete reality-based curriculum 
3) International standard of certification
4) Different modes of learning 
5) Best quality Study Material
6) To ensure educational growth throughout the country.
7) Spreading of a noble message to help others in need. 
8)  Assuring job opportunities.
9) To conduct examinations and certify with an authenticity that will acclaim academic proficiency and distinctions.

10) Establishing e- literacy all over India and the rest of the world.
11) Our educational center will impart computer training, vocational courses, and non-formal teaching.
12) Imparting computer education at a subsidized rate.
13) Reaching and helping out to students belonging to SC/ST/OBC categories.
14) Aiding widow and specially-abled students.


Project Oriented Courses

Dedicated Project Work for Students

Job Curriculum-Based Courses 

Global Certification

Maximum Placement Facility



We help our students achieve a job after they complete their training and internship with us by building their networking profiles, preparing their CVs, interview preparation, confidence boost up, spoken english, job openings, office management, etc.

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Bose Informatics is a part of Binfosol Pvt Ltd and our members are very much engaged to serve you to their utmost capability. 

Nothing can be accomplished alone. Achievement, enormous or little, is reliant on numerous elements, not the least of which is all the individuals associated with accomplishing it and the endeavors they have placed in. We get this and welcome it with no closure. That is the thing that keeps us humble, that is the thing that protects us from advancing and from fancies of greatness.

Whatever we do, we do it with an elevated level of uprightness that traverses thought, reason, and activity. To be sure it is honesty in our activities that wins us the important trust of our customers. We ensure we satisfy our guarantees, tirelessly seeking after our vision, mission, and objectives. Or on the other hand, basic beliefs are unerringly submitted to, be the occasions fortunate or unfortunate. ​Despite the fact that regularly ignored, we are very much aware of the fundamental part of sympathy and getting play. All things considered, we can't request to be perceived except if we are 'getting' ourselves. While making guarantees, we stay mindful that our customers and accomplices trust us and are depending on them. Added to this is the acknowledgment that our partners are working eagerly. This spikes us on to put forth a valiant effort.

Deception or trickery isn't in our DNA. Straightforwardness and trustworthiness are values we hold extremely dear and endeavor to ensure consistency in the most ideal way. The test lies not in scrutinizing the best of plans and defending what we consider is correct. It lies in remaining amiable and conscious amidst a troublesome, open, and fair exchange. A test that we anxiously acknowledge and survive. The significance of information can never be over-underscored. For us, information is force and we share it with our customers, representatives, and crew to encourage advancement and show up at significant and viable arrangements.



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Our faculties are either Doctorates or Industry Experts who are considered giants in their field of expertise. If you want to join us, send us an email at bose.informatics.hr@gmail.com

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We are based in Belgharia, Kolkata but we do have branches in various parts of Kolkata.

You can reach us at 91 7439673045/ 91 7439733708.

You can also email us at info@boseinfosolutions.com

Our office address is 53/F Feeder Road, Belgharia, Kolkata-700056.