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The process of examining and evaluating the vast amount of data that your business already has and using it to make data-driven decisions is known as business analytics. To understand what happened, it does more than just look at the numbers. Business analytics instead aims to explain why things happened and offer recommendations for what to do next.

At Binfosol Pvt Ltd we use a variety of analytics tools to create all of our reporting, financial and business analysis, data visualizations, dashboards, API, and bespoke interfaces. These technologies aid in the deployment of metrics for mining, evaluating, and forecasting, which go on to form the core of our client deliverables. In this field, some of the most important instruments are:

1. Tableau

2. qGIS

3. Stata

4. R

5. Google Analytics 

5. SEO

6. Excel & VBA

Here are a few examples of How we used  Business analytics to improve your business and give it a better place :

SAVING YOUR MONEY:  If you're like most small businesses, you probably have a limited marketing budget. By enabling you to better understand your customers, anticipate their constantly changing demands, gain an advantage over the competition, and introduce novel ideas and goods to the market, using business analytics helps you make the most of every dollar.

IMPROVED JUDGEMENT:  Uncertain about how to allocate your marketing budget? Or which keywords have the greatest impact? How about forecasting your top-selling items during the Christmas season? Data is used in business analytics to support choices and enhance responsiveness, accuracy, and efficiency.

THE CAPACITY TO COMPARE ACHIEVEMENTS TO BROAD  GOALS:  You can see your aims and objectives more clearly thanks to business analytics. Businesses can monitor their present and previous performance in relation to key performance indicators (KPIs), goals, and objectives by employing data visualization.

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