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Cyclone Yash predicted to be a heavy hit on Bengal

The Regional Meteorological Department has foreseen that Super Cyclone 'Yash' is probably going to create landfall in Sundarban areas between could twenty-three and should twenty-five and probably move towards Bangla Desh.

The met department warned that the furiousness of the cyclonic Storm named by Oman would possibly equal that of 'Amphan' that ruined urban center and connected areas on could nineteen last year throughout the imprisonment.

Though the meteorological department isn't positive concerning the direction and also the speed of the wind they aforementioned that a coffee depression has been shaped within the East Central Bay and its connected areas and because it is increasing in strength a day it would take the form of a 'Super Cyclone' before creating landfall by the top of the week.

However, the officers square measure of the opinion that the storm would possibly move towards Bangla Desh once coming into the land through the Sundarbans. The department has already issued a warning to the fishermen asking them to not venture to the ocean on could twenty-three.

The department officers aforementioned that thanks to the formation of the time period, the temperature is increasing within the areas of Gangetic province together with urban center, South, and North twenty-four Parganas and it's doubtless to extend more. "In the last twenty-four hours the temperature has inflated 5 degrees and it's doubtless to the touch forty degrees within the next few days. The wetness is additionally high making uneasiness for the individuals. These square measure all results of the time period," a met official aforementioned.

Last year urban center witnessed one of the foremost devastating cyclonic storms once 'Amphan' created landfall within the Sundarbans at a speed of nearly 260 kilometers per hour and went through the center of town, nearly delivering all activity to a standstill for future seven days.

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