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Adulteration of food is a common phenomenon these days and with the passage of time, the rate of adulteration has increased a lot. This has led to a degradation of food quality and has resulted in a lot of health damage among people. It is a matter of great concern, especially in the developing and underdeveloped countries of the world. Various programs have been launched to aware people of adulteration and how to detect them. This project has been done with the intention to provide the basic knowledge required to detect milk adulterants and their detection techniques. The results from these tests are used to calculate the percentage of adulteration in milk and milk products and they are used by QA or QC analysts to certify the quality of the food products. Some of the important measures include sterility checks, reagent specificity and sensitivity, assessment of each analyst's capabilities, analysis of blind check samples, and evaluation of the presence of laboratory contamination and instrument calibration.

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